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The Tutela client experience is forged through the power of understanding your business and the unique needs that encompass it. The business landscape is evolving rapidly. Through developments in technology, regulation and infrastructure, business barriers are shifting each and every day. In this fast-paced environment, you need a consultant that has the experience and proven processes to respond to your changing needs. At Tutela, we deliver success based on a complete understanding of what matters most to our clients.

Our client experience is managed through a series of quality stages throughout a typical project:

Clearly Established Expectations and Business Requirements: Our proprietary charter process balances long-term vision and architecture with the immediate needs to establish scope and prioritization for the near term. Our blend of focus on features and functionality with the detail needed to estimate level of effort allows us to establish clear expectations amongst stakeholders for an end result. This proven system of capturing business requirements for every project allows us to eliminate surprises, ensure known target states, and make informed decisions with our clients.

Effective Business Process Design: We strive to ask the tough questions in order to maximize the effectiveness of every process design. We tell our clients what they need to hear versus what they want to hear, which ensures that our promise of excellence is always delivered. Presentation of industry best practices is balanced with the customization needed for a given client.

Best-in-class Design Process: The translation of business requirements into an efficient design that is effective is as much art as it is science. We have countless templates perfected over the last decade that allow us to efficiently design workflow, integration, access control and more.

Leading Development Best Practices: Regardless of a specific tools flexibility and capability, significant effort is needed to develop a solution that is easily maintained, efficient and supportable. Over the last decade Tutela has developed a series of best practices for access control, dynamic behavior, data integration and even naming conventions that results in an optimal solution build.

Efficient Project Execution: Whether working in an agile fashion or a more formal methodology, the Tutela approach focuses on business value and efficiency. Our customized Project Management Methodology focuses on the appropriate checkpoints, accountability and communication needs, while our extensive document library allows us to quickly produce the working collateral needed. Our phased approach uses a consistent structure - allowing a charter to form the basis for business requirements, which translates to a formal design, forms the basis for testing and acceptance, and ultimately into a "run book" and support package. This line of sight not only streamlines expectations, testing and delivery, it ensures decisions are informed and timely. Combining a focus on balanced efficiency, a flexible project management methodology, and crisp and consistent templates results in a process that allows us to complete engagements in 50% to 70% of the time needed by others.

Quality Assurance Process: Our approach leverages several internal quality review steps to ensure the our work benefits from the collaboration, oversight and architectural reviews needed to guarantee top quality. This blended approach gives you the efficiency and cost savings of a smaller team, but the knowledge, collaboration and oversight of a much larger one. While a detailed developer testing program and architectural review ensures the best work product, an assigned Tutela executive is responsible for ensuring satisfaction and quality throughout the process.

The result of this process, perfected through decades of eGRC consulting work, is a methodology that maximizes the flexibility of the framework while ensuring quality. The output of this approach is a predictable solution delivery that is on time, on budget, and exceeds all business expectations.

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